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CCALP Approved Tele-Supervisor Credential ©

What is the Approved Tele-Supervisor Credential?

The Approved Tele-Supervisor credential© (ATS) and curricula have been developed by the CCALP Board of Directors and LPCA in conjunction with experts in the field of Tele-Mental health and electronically delivered clinical supervision. The purpose is to set a nationwide standard for the administration of Certification Tele-Supervision.

Who Needs This Credential?

The ATS credential is designed for mental health professionals who provide clinical supervision to supervisees via telecommunication platforms such as video conferencing, telephone, or online chat. And for those supervising future professionals who are providing therapy via telecommunication platforms.

As the field of clinical tele-supervision continues to grow, the ATS credential provides a standardized measure of competency for supervisors and reassurance for supervisees, employers, government agencies, and others. It is an asset for mental health professionals looking to expand their practice and stay current in the evolving landscape of tele-mental health.

Benefits of the ATS Credential:

1. Standardized Competency: Ensures supervisors have demonstrated a certain level of competence in providing tele-supervision services, building trust and confidence among supervisees, employers, and other stakeholders.

2. Reassurance for Supervisees: For supervisees, having an ATS-certified supervisor provides reassurance that they are receiving supervision from a qualified professional with the necessary expertise and knowledge to provide effective guidance.

3. Enhanced Credibility: Enhances the credibility of supervisors and organizations offering tele-supervision services, demonstrating a commitment to quality and professionalism.

4. Improved Outcomes: By ensuring supervisors are competent in providing tele-supervision, the ATS credential can help improve outcomes for supervisees, such as better patient care, increased job satisfaction, and reduced burnout.

5. Increased Accessibility: Facilitates the growth of tele-supervision, increasing access to supervision services for mental health professionals working in remote or underserved areas,

thereby improving overall mental health care.

Effective Date: June 2024

*For those licensed in Georgia: Completing this credential may be used to meet the TMH and TMH Supervisor requirements set forth by the GA Composite Board for PCs, SWs, & MFTs Rule 135-11 or Law O.C.G.A. 43 and other chapters applicable. Please refer to your state's laws and rules.*

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