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If you placed your CPCS credential in inactive status, or your CPCS credential has lapsed past 90 days, you may apply for reinstatement by submitting:

  1. Reactivation application
    (including 12 CE hours earned within the past 3 years)
  2. Reactivation fee (see page on Fee Schedule)
  3. Past due fee(s), if applicable
  4. Include your CPCS number
  5. Take and pass the CPCS Reactivation Exam

Click on the icon to request your

CPCS Credential and status reactivation/reinstatement.

Recertification Requirements- open Fall of 2024

    1. Recertification is every three (3) years on the anniversary (month/day of most recent certification) date
    2. Annual Maintenance Fee paid each year, on anniversary date (included in the Recertification fee every 3rd year)
    3. Late fee payment due, if not paid within 30 days of anniversary date
    4. Nonpayment of fee(s) will result in pending status of certification
    5. Completion of  required CE training/workshops
    6. Recertification application will ask about number Supervisees (per year-est.), if applicable.
    7. Take and pass Recertification Exam with score of 85% or better
    8. All CE workshops/training must be approved by LPCAGA or have the CCALP Training Number
    9. Completion of Audit, if applicable
    10. Must maintain Georgia LPC licensure in good standing and compliance with the Code of Ethics


CPCS Inactive Directions:  

        1. Submit the LPCA CPCS Inactive Application FORM, below,  to change from "active" to "inactive" status.
        2. The Application contains several attestation statements.
        3. You will receive an email with verification of CPCS inactivation.
        4. It is easy to Re-Activate.  Click the green activate button below.

Click on the icon to request your

CPCS Credential and status become inactive.

The CPCS In-Active Application must be submitted to inactivate your CPCS credential. 

PLEASE NOTE:   Once you have inactivated your CPCS credential, you cannot continue to practice as a CPCS clinical supervisor for counselors seeking Professional Counseling licensure under the Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists (the Board). 

According to the licensing board rule 135-5-.02 section 5 (iv), you must discontinue using the CPCS credential on ALL communications, marketing materials, website listings, etc. 

In addition, please understand that LPCA of Georgia is required to report to the Board that your CPCS supervisor status is inactive.

Did you know you can also go inactive and re-activate your LPC license? 

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