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Complete Fee Schedule

• Yearly Maintenance Fee:  The CPCS certification maintenance fee supports the administration of the certification program; which also includes monthly reports to the Licensing Board about compliance, answering and resolving supervision questions/issues, and audits.

• If recertification is late, CPCS status is pending. After 90 days (3months) it automatically goes to Inactive.

•CPCS Application - Incomplete applications will be rejected and fee must be paid for each applicant submission ($154.00)

•CPCS Application Exam - Included with application fee ($154.00).

•Jurisprudence Exam - Included with application fee ($154.00).

•Annual Maintenance Fee - Due yearly, on anniversary/join date day/month ($50.00).

•Re-Certification Application - Includes yearly maintenance fee, this fee includes annual maintenance and re-certification fee ($175.00).

•CPCS Re-Certification Exam - Exam fee is included with application fee ($154.0).

•Re-Certification Late Fee - 3 months after expiration date/lapsed certification ($59.00).

•In-Activation Fee - If you wish to pause your certification ($0). Please visiting the dropdown menu to pause your certification.

•Re-Activation Application - Required for any CPCS expired over 90 days/3 months, ($185.00). Please visit the dropdown menu to access the CPCS Re-Activation process.

•Re-Activation Exam - Fee is included with your Re-Activation application fee ($0).

•Exam Prep Workshop - Fee is ($75).

•Certification Certificate - Emailed as a PDF/stored in your CPCS account ($15).

•CPCS Toolkit Booklet - Stored into your CPCS account ($15).

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